Satisfied, motivated employees are what make our organization great.

The promotion of our employees, whether it’s more responsibility, training, or additional benefits, is what allows IPC to lead the way in trenchless drilling operations.

To fulfill our aspiration, we need the best employees. To make you feel comfortable, we offer you a pleasant and inspiring corporate culture.

We support your professional and personal development at IPC through challenging projects, interesting conversations, and demanding tasks. We also offer you promising career opportunities.

Motivated and creative thinkers, who don’t just scratch the surface but push into new, unexplored depths, are the kind of people that thrive at IPC. This boundary-pushing mentality allows us to stay ahead of the game and help each of us reach new heights in our careers.

Here at IPC, we are always on the lookout for experienced and motivated individuals. Because we work hard and sometimes long days away from our families, it’s critical that we get along as a team and enjoy each other’s company.

Do you want to grow as you master varied and challenging tasks while simultaneously contributing to the growth of our company? Then you are a perfect fit for us. Together, we’ll develop further. Your success is our progress – and vice versa.

To ensure our employees always remain pioneers, we offer and encourage our team members to complete additional training and education programs. As the saying goes: “You’re either moving forwards or you’re going backwards in life”. We want everyone at IPC to be growing their careers.

With a well-trained and educated team, IPC can continue to build its market leadership position well into the future.

So, if you feel like we might be a great fit working together, click the button below. We always enjoy meeting new and exciting people in our industry.

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