Diversity Relations

IPC Works hard to Develop & Maintain Strong Relationships, Based on Mutual Understanding and Trust, with Local Indigenous Populations All over the Globe

IPC has vast experience in working closely with local populations. We are committed to maximizing opportunities for Indigenous People in Canada, United States, and other parts of the world. We are often placed near First Nations communities and traditional territories across Canada and in the US.

Working closely with individual First Nations and Indigenous communities and organizations, we all benefit from their extensive knowledge of the local surroundings and build partnerships across North America.


IPC and Indigenous communities strengthen projects by:

  • Benefitting from local topography knowledge
  • Providing direct training and employment to local People
  • Developing local Joint Venture Partnerships or Work Agreements
  • Connecting with local businesses and subcontractors

Once awarded a project, IPC’s First Nations advisor reaches out to the local band Chief and Council in the project area to discuss how we can work together. We currently have numerous active partnerships with First Nations organizations across Canada.