Easy Pipe

So how does IPC use the Easy Pipe method to successfully reach our client’s goals?

Just like Direct Pipe®, Easy Pipe combines proven drilling techniques (microtunneling and HDD) to install pipelines.

It’s a multi-step pipe jacking process involving pushing an interim steel casing pipe through a borehole ahead of the pipeline.


  • Less disposal, less bentonite
  • Accurate curved drilling approach
  • Minimization of geological risk because the borehole is permanently supported
  • Adaptable to most geological conditions
  • Safe pipeline construction

The drilling process

This method is a three-step operation:

  • The borehole is installed using standard microtunneling and Easy Pipe steel pipes.
  • After the drill head has reached the target pit on the other side of the crossing, it is disassembled, and a connector piece is installed between the jacking pipes and pipeline.
  • The casing or product pipe is then pulled back into the borehole.

Install the borehole using micro-tunneling equipment and EasyPipe steel pipes


After reaching the other side, connect to the product pipe and prepare to pull back through the hole


In parallel, pull the product pipe through the borehole and fill the overcut, while dismantling the steel pipes

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