Safety & Environment



At IPC we are committed to offering our employees, visitors, contractors as well as the general public a healthy and safe place to work, where the psychological and social well-being of all involved is respected. We are also firmly committed to conducting our operations in a diligent manner designed to minimize any adverse impacts on the environment. IPC is committed to following all legislation pertaining to our operations.

IPC is fulfilling these commitments through the development and implementation of our health, safety and environmental program. This program integrates health, safety and environmental considerations into all our operations. Each new project brings new experiences that we learn from. We’re committed to ensuring that proper safety procedures are at the heart of all the projects we do, and we are constantly improving our safety methods.

With a culture built on safety, it is a fundamental aspect to how we conduct business. This safety-first mentality, without compromising on quality, leads to an environment of excellence that flows over to our clients and their projects.


Our execution strategies aim to minimize our environmental footprint, whilst also striving to maintain public amenities to both road and rail service users and the local communities we are working in.


  • Insist on safe performance throughout operations by ensuring a high standard of competency from both contractors and employees.
  • Have an effective and continuously evolving safety program.
  • Ensure that the safety program and operations comply with contractual and regulatory requirements.
  • Ensure that contractors and employees are aware of IPC’s expectations through effective communication at every level of the organization.
  • Provide sufficient time for contractors and employees to do their job properly and safely.
  • Hire contractors who have Safety Programs and good safety records.
  • Act as primary Contractor/Owner of each project.


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