IPC provides expert microtunneling solutions, using machines manufactured by world-leader Herrenknecht, as well as Bothar Built FSD Microtunnelling machines, to complete trenchless installation of pipelines beneath highways, railroads, runways, harbors, rivers, and environmentally sensitive areas. The slurry supported excavation concept makes it possible to use these machines in all kinds of ground conditions, from silt and clay to gravel and rock.

Auger Boring

Auger Boring Machines are used to bore horizontally through soil or rock with a cutting head and auger. The majority of machines are used to install pipe casings under railways, highways, runways, creeks or any area of ground that cannot be open cut or disturbed. Our expertise in auger boring techniques ensures delivery to clients of a safe and economical alternative to other forms of tunnelling, without compromising on efficiency or quality.

Pipe Jacking

Where particularly tough ground conditions require either machine or manual excavation, we offer pipe jacking. This trenchless method for installation of steel pipes and concrete casings is often used for shallow installations under roads, railway tracks and wherever other trenchless methods could cause surface settling or heaving. Our Bothar Built steerable tunnel boring machines and pipe jacking equipment provide a simple solution to complex construction projects.

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Shaft Construction

Our team have successfully constructed many shafts of various diameter and depth, specializing in jacked caisson and underpinning techniques, and also using soldier piles, secant piles, and sheet piles.


Direct Pipe Installation

Combining two proven techniques, micro-tunneling and HDD technology, Direct Pipe is a fast and efficient one-pass tunneling approach to pipeline installation.This method combines a pipe thruster and tunneling machine that allows us to simultaneous excavate the borehole and install the pipe in one step for your project. Direct Pipe provides significant benefits including a small footprint geographically and environmentally, as well as accurate guidance of the pipeline installation through curves as well as upward and downward slopes.

Specialized Equipment

In addition to a large fleet of Herrenknecht microtunneling machines, IPC has access through the Bothar Group of Companies to a diverse fleet of specialized tunneling equipment available to suit each unique situation within a project. The fleet of Bothar Group of Companies consists of Microtunneling Machines, Bothar Built Tunnel Boring Machines, Auger Boring Machines, Horizontal Directional Drill Rigs, Fully Steerable Devices, Axis Systems, and numerous other major plant items such as excavators, trailers, generators, compressors, trucks, and more.