When it comes to handling complex horizontal drilling projects, Innovative Pipeline Crossings (IPC) has the technical expertise, the passion, and the commitment to excellence that allow us to tackle any challenge with a positive can-do attitude.

IPC’s trenchless tunneling technology combines the advantages of established pipelaying methods while opening new applications for several industries. We understand the complex nature of today’s tunneling projects and our professional team strives to provide a wide-range of solution-focused pipeline technologies that make demanding geological challenges doable, safe, and successful.

We aim to provide superior value and service to our clients by pairing established trenchless technology benefits with brand-new applications, catered to industries such as oil and gas, and municipal and civil works.


IPC is a part of the Bothar Group of Companies; an international contractor that has over 30 years of cutting edge experience in the tunneling contracting industry. With an enviable track record and a highly skilled and diverse capability range, the staff at IPC and Bothar are able to provide a focused contract solution to all tunneling projects.

Our services include Microtunneling, Auger Boring, Pipe Jacking, Shaft Construction, and Direct Pipe Installation.


Repeat business with many clients reinforces that IPC can make a significant contribution to the success of your project. Our professional staff and crews have a proven record of successful project executions on all types of tunneling projects. All in-house staff are thoroughly familiar with the specialized equipment and tunnelling construction techniques and are committed to a safety-first working environment.

IPC continuously strives for more efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly approaches to conducting business. Our commitment is to demonstrate excellence in all spheres of our work,and in our interactions with customers, shareholders, suppliers, colleagues, partners and communities. In addition, we commit to exercising judgment, professionalism, rigour, self-discipline, perseverance and team spirit.

We promote a customer-focused culture that emphasizes outstanding service and meets our commitments at every level of our organization. During each project we take our clients on the journey with us, providing quick and innovative solutions to technical or design challenges, and demonstrating skill and expertise in handling the most complex geotechnical environments.

Our Vision

“To be recognized as a global partner that provides excellence in the delivery of trenchless solutions.”